40K is a graffiti zine that use graffiti sketch as the main contain such as lettering/wording, tag/handstyle, character, crossover and an article. 100% black and white sketch is one of the 40K concept with 40 pages act as the full content without cover.

The reason 40K exist in Malaysia graffiti scene is to be local graffiti source through a book form, it also born to feed graffiti writer needs because 40K is the only local graffiti zine who feed the needs with variety graff styles from different writer flavour.

Expose and educate local graffiti writers to be professional is another 40K purpose. 40K lay as a platform to oldtime and new writer to represent their style, and a chance to represent theirself to everybody through our sketch submittance. 40K is graffiti/art event spread lover with help from everybody to graff writer and publics.

Another main reason is, to expose graffiti artform to public and to open peoples optic about the art itself. 40K is open to everyone that interested in this kind of art such as graffiti writer, art lover, researcher and newcomers in this local graffiti scene.

We hope that 40K readers could spread this information to friends and public because we need people like you to help us bring local graffiti scene to the whole another level and educate writer about styles. Spread love!

“By writer to writers, from writers to everyone”


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