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Kacao77 Universes Book Review by Hemos

Salam and Wadap, this is Hemos, and im going to write a review about a graffiti
book, KACAO77 Universes..kacauu..

First of all an intro about the man, KACAO is a writer based from Berlin. Okehh, lets get down to bizniz! The appearance of the book got me like, DAYUM, the cover (hardcover btw) of the book looks like Spawn’s comic book, not the usual kind of graffiti books i guess. It looks pretty solid and worth the cash(we’ll talk about the price later). So there are 192 high end quality A4 pages filled with KACAO’s artworks,collaborations,sketches and tags! And listen to this, most of the images fill the whole A4 paper which makes another point that this book is worth buying.Dopeshiet. KACAO’s compiled most of his work from the year 2003-2007. But wait! There are some featured writers too like TKID,BATES,ATOM,RIME,SERCH,EWOK,SEVER,YES2,HEMOS and other writers as well… haha just kidding with the last name. Anyway, i would say that there are a few writers in this book that KACAO featured with.

Next point! the content! The first time when i opened this book i was like, oh ok, graffiti, but when i started to turn to the next page and so on, it got me wondering whether is this a comic book?! It looks more like a comic book maybe because of KACAO’s way of adding the characters and the dialogues in his sketches. Oh and there are also a few pages on characters that looks pretty sweet. You guys should checkout the AGENOBOT sketch. In addition to that, the colors are everywhere its way way colorful. It can be a great reference color book to all you writers out there and myself who suck at combining colors.

And lastly, knowledge is never worthless so i think every book got their own purpose. Like this book, you guys can use it as a reference, maybe some of the letters are a bit off but the compositions, colors of the pieces/sketches are pretty good. Ok, and lastly, the price is about below RM 150, but i got it for RM 30 cause i heard the sales didn’t go well. SO there you go, a review, and this is my first time reviewing shit. Hope u guys understand, PEACE!


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